VP of Engineering in Finance IT


Job Title: VP of Engineering / Technical Director
Location: Shanghai / Hong Kong

Keywords: Sentiment analysis, big data, search technology

We are a young entrepreneurial company aiming to redefine the financial information market in China by developing a product of sentiment analysis. With the fast expansion of our business, we are looking for highly motivated talents to join our team.


1. Define the overall technology strategy and road map for the product. Participate in the discussions and reviews of product features. Create engineering requirements based on product design.

2. Owner of the core technologies of our product, search engine, semantic analysis, big data processing and sentiment algorithm. Be responsible for the delivery schedule; manage the internal and external communication of technology. Regularly communicate with partners and manage the progress. Effectively handle issues and risks, and escalate when necessary.

3. Owner of technical architecture. In charge of the engineering team to design the overall architecture that meets the business goal. Can dive into details to solve difficult technical problems and evaluate technical solutions when needed.

4. Partner with product team and lead the engineering teams to manage the daily development and operation.


1. Bachelor or higher degree in computer science or electrical engineering; or graduate degree in statistics with extensive programming experience;

2. Rich experience and deep understanding of natural language processing with related math, stats and modeling knowledge.

3. Previous experience in big data, including distributed computing, storage architecture and operations.

4. As the tech lead, existing track record of at least 2 successful online commercial products that have achieved rapid user growth and stable operation.

5. Expertise in search technology, crawling, indexing and semantics (Chinese).

6. Experience in financial market is a big plus.

7. 5+ years of hands-on experience in programming and system design. Passionate to use open source software.

8. Possess the entrepreneurial mentality. Being a dreamer, but open to change and embrace challenges. A strong leader, but a smooth communicator. A doer, but with a vision.

9. Bilingual in English and Chinese.

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