System Network Administrator (cloud)

Job Description

Type: Full Time
Location: Beijing, China

Work with engineering team to identify and address platform issues.
We are hoping to find an engineer looking to build the next generation real time communication platform.
We are looking for an automation and change management ninja. If you fork and merge your grocery list then you might be our guy.
You will have to deal with the challenges in running a real time communications platform in what we call “Triple Cloud” ( Hosted, on Premise, and Public Cloud ).

2+ years experience in Systems Engineering / Administration with firm understanding of *nix architecture.
Strong ability to work independently and unsupervise.
Expertise with TCP/IP, load balancing, HTTP and web server deployment.
Experience running production infrastructures for high-availability, high-volume services.
Experience with Web programming a plus ( Javascript, Rails, ect ), we build our own tools and everyone loves a pretty face on some operational awesomeness.
Experience with distributed systems and programming language design also a plus.
1+ years dynamic / scripting language programming ( Ruby / Bash / Perl / Python )
Experience with Git/SVN/VCS
Understand relational databases ( SQL )
Good sense of humor and a sharp wit
Bonus Points:
Nagios / CollectD / Munin
Cloud ( AWS / Rackspace, ect )
Chef ( Preferred ) or Puppet ( we can always train you on chef )
Ruby / Bundler
Wireshark / tcpdump

Job Environment:
Work from anywhere, our team is all over the globe, timezones are meaningless here
Brand new macbook pro
English and Chinese Skills:

Preferred: Native or fluent in Chinese and good at reading and writing in English
Exceptions may be made for someone who is otherwise qualified for the job

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