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Hiring CTO or VP of Engineering - Remote/Ownership - Start-up in Analog IC Design

  🔔 Hiring CTO or VP of Engineering for a Start-up. Ownership - own this early stage company with original stocks! Remote! Build your own team in California or anywhere in the US near your own home! ✅ Need all level of engineering professionals in Analog IC Design. ✅ Connect with me to advance your career in high tech industry! ✅ Follow - Jobs at Tech Companies in the US  for new job opportunities! Connect with Michelle You to Advance Your Career in High Tech Industry! Detailed job description is coming soon.  Please contact me for more details if you're interested in this job. Join me on LinkedIn for new opportunities in high tech industry.  #hiring   #team   #CTO ,  #VP   #Engineering   #newjobs   #analogdesign   #analoglayout   #analog   #icdesign   #remotejobs   #remoteopportunity   #engineeringjobs   #startupjobs   #michelleyoubiz   #executivesearch

Software Development Manager - US Jobs - Remote/Hybrid at a Big Tech

Immediate Job Opening: ✅  Send me your resume  and cover letter, I'll refer you directly to the hiring manager.  ✅  Connect with me  to advance your career in high tech industry! ✅ Follow  on LinkedIn for new job opportunities! Job Description: Key Responsibilities: As a Software Development Manager - Wifi, you will be responsible for managing the team’s multi-pronged roadmap, and work closely with cross-functional teams to innovate and deliver high-performance, low-power, stable connectivity platform for world class consumer products. You must be responsive, flexible, and able to succeed within an open and collaborative peer environment. The ideal candidate will have a background in connectivity software development, an affinity to being a leader, experience running software teams with Agile methodologies, and experience owning a roadmap and a technical vision. Location: Santa Clara County, or Orange Country, California Remote/Hybrid: Flexible schedule, may nee

How to bridge the gap on your resume? Strategies from an Executive Recruiter

Follow Us for Free Career Advice In your professional career, sometimes a gap on your resume looks like inevitable, and it'll make it harder for you to land a job later. But, if you manage it strategically, not only you can bridge the gap on your resume, but you can also turn it into an opportunity for you to gain new skills and help you land a better job. Keep reading to learn the strategies to do so from an engineer turned executive recruiter , founder of an international headhunting firm and other businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Follow us for free career advice on jobs at tech companies and beyond.

How to get a job faster in the future - tips from an executive recruiter

📜  Table of Contents Summary Worry about job security? Why prepare now? Think you know yourself well? How to set clear goals? When to get professional help? What to focus on? LinkedIn with friends & strangers? How to create a Master Resume? Sample resume template Follow Us for Free Career Advice at

Pros & cons of the #OpenToWork banner on LinkedIn, Tips from an Executive Recruiter

Follow Us for Free Career Advice The green #OpenToWork banner on LinkedIn profile photo is designed to help job seekers get noticed and land a job faster. But, the reality is complicated. LinkedIn data said that it’s beneficial for job seekers, but some recruiters and coaches are against it. What should you do? Banner or no banner? Keep reading to find out my strategy for this controversial issue from an Executive Recruiter 's point of view.  Follow on LinkedIn for free career advice.

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