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High Tech Recruiting Services for American & Chinese Companies in USA or China

Our Specialty: Recruiting Executives & Highly-Skilled Professionals (English Speakers or Chinese Speakers or Bilingual Professionals in the US or China) in High Tech Sectors such as Big Data, Internet, E-Commerce, Web, Mobile, Healthcare IT, Finance IT, WiFi, EE, Semiconductor and etc.


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Sunday, February 8, 2015

2015 中美招聘高端人才和海归!List of Current Job Openings (Big Data, E-Commerce, Healthcare IT, Mobile, WiFi, EE, Automation, Test,...)

Actively Hiring for New Jobs at High Tech Companies in USA & China:
CXOs, VPs, Directors, Architects, Scientists, Engineers, Experienced Professionals!


Co-founder/General Manager of Healthcare IT
VP of Business Development
VP of Marketing/Branding
Senior Director of Business Development
Director or Senior Director of Marketing for E-Commerce
CTO of Big Data (Digital Advertising)
Senior Manager of Internet Operation
Senior Architect of Big Data
Architect of E-Commerce
Big Data Scientists/Experts
Senior Manager of Product Management for M-Commerce (Mobile Commerce)
Senior UI Designer
Senior UX Designer
Senior IOS Developer
Senior Android Developer
Senior Automation Engineer
Senior Project Manager
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Last updated: February 8, 2015.


Job Description:

Job Title: Senior UX designer (Click here for English version of Job Description)
Job Location: Beijing, China

1. 负责公司Web项目、移动项目UI设计和交互设计工作;
2. 负责产品的用户体验设计、交互设计;编写界面交互设计说明书;
3. 根据产品架构、流程设计需求和用户研究的结果,完成产品原型设计;
4. 完成界面交互行为和功能的改良,提高产品的易用性;
5. 了解编程代码,能良好的和软件开发团队沟通,与产品策划、研发工程师和市场团队配合,参与界面设计流程的完善和优化工作,持续提升产品用户体验式设计;
6. 负责产品的框架、用户交互、界面设计。

1. 本科以上的设计方面学历
2. 能承担高级创意设计,4-6年在移动互联网做交互应用客户体验设计师的经验
3. 优秀的审美力,独特的创意,高效率执行;
4. 精通Photoshop、Illustrator、Flash等设计软件,如有相关在线教育项目设计经验尤佳;
5. 良好的工作协调能力、领悟能力,能够快速理解项目要求并反映到自己的作品上;
6. 了解编程和软件开发基本流程
7. 对用户体验有了解,愿意深入了解页面可用性,对交互设计有一定研究;
8. 有一定的用户体验理念,有良好的页面版式规划能力,并可独立进行创作设计。
9. 英语流利

我们每天为大家发现时尚元素和时尚搭配,以互动的方式激发穿衣灵感,并帮助大家时尚搭配。无论 你是办公室精英,学生族,居家妈妈,动漫迷,摇滚歌星 或者明星大腕,我们都能帮助你从自己的衣 橱和别人的衣橱里进行完美的选择&混搭,打造属于你的新形象,让你一周都光彩照人。通过我们的平台, 大家可以分享&互动心得 ,发现衣橱的秘密,激发穿衣灵感,以更便捷的方式帮助大家变得时尚起来。

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Job Description:


Job Title: Senior UI Designer (Click here for English version of Job Description)
Job Location: Beijing, China; or Remotely anywhere

• 带领UI团队完成公司的设计要求
• 将交互应用的理念转换成吸引眼球,令人愉悦的用户体验
• 研究并了解手机界面视觉艺术发展及流行趋势
• 与各部门良好沟通,积极参与头脑风暴
• 了解编程代码,能良好的和软件开发团队沟通,与产品策划、研发工程师和市场团队配合

• 设计相关专业本科及以上学历
• 至少5年在界面设计方面的经验
• 资深的界面设计师为各类用户提供设计方案
• 熟练掌握PC和手机界面的设计准则
• 精通Flash/HTML5 以及其他设计应用软件
• 有全套UI设计的作品集
• 了解编程和软件开发基本流程
• 英语熟练

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Senior UI Designer (Beijing, China or Remotely)

Job Description:
Job Title: Senior UI designer
Job Location: Beijing, China; or Remotely anywhere

• Lead the user interface design according to high-level requirements
• Translate interaction concepts into attractive designs and pleasurable experiences; predominantly on mobile devices for professional and consumer markets.
• Familiar with design trends, best practices and design standards for a variety of platforms
• Be a sparring partner in multi-disciplinary teams, which may include marketing, developers, engineers, usability experts, researchers and application experts
• Understand, explore and work with technical constraints of UI/hardware platforms to get the most out of them
• Understand coding, can communicate well with software development team and guide them to faithfully implement the user experience and design details

• Bachelor or Master’s degree in the relevant design area
• Minimum of 5 years’ experience in the respective design field
• Experienced designer developing UI solutions for various type of users
• Intimate knowledge of PC software and mobile app design conventions
• Proficient in Flash/HTML5 and/or other prototyping application experience
• Design portfolio with real work examples of full-range UI project in the past
• Knowledge of coding and the software development process
• Fluency in English both on oral and written

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Senior UX Designer (Mobile, Web, Beijing China or Remotely)

Job Description:
Job Title: Senior UX designer
Job Location: Beijing, China; or Remotely anywhere

• Lead the user experience design according to high-level requirements
• Define innovative, intuitive and elegant solutions for mobile-based and web-based application for network engineer and IT managers
• Design the UI architecture, interface, and interaction flow of applications and experiences.
• Conduct user task analysis and analyze user research results to create rich and smooth user experience for easy product adoption
• Develop conceptual diagrams, wireframes, visual mockups, click-throughs, and high fidelity prototypes
• Develop and maintain detailed user-interface specifications and design patterns
• Conduct fast iteration on design based on user feedbacks and technical constraints
• Understand coding, can communicate well with software development team and guide them to faithfully implement the user experience and design details

• BA/BS in design, human-computer interaction, industrial design, computer science or related field
• 4-6 years experience on mobile or web application user experience design.
• Ability to articulate design concepts and communicate the user experience vision for the product in the most effective way.
• Good understanding on the overall user experience design process and portfolio that reflects work across different product development stages
• Knowledge of coding and the software development process.
• Expert proficiency with design and prototyping tools
• Creative, proactive, passionate & love fashion
• Fluency in English both on oral and written

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Monday, February 2, 2015

VP of Marketing & Branding (start-up, Beijing, China)

Job Description:

Note: The exact title may subject to change depending on the qualification of the candidate, may be Director, Senior Director, or Vice President (VP)

The Brand Marketing VP is a key strategic leadership role and will be our brand champion within and outside of the company. This leader will drive our overall brand strategy & vision, advance brand awareness and identify new opportunities to maximize the awareness of our brand.

This VP will lead the strategic development and execution of brand marketing for and responsible for providing thought leadership and developing market insights to ensure the strategies and plans are highly resonant with consumers. This role may partner with external agencies to set communication strategies and develop advertising platforms that maximize business results. As a leader in our start-up, you will be counted on to contribute across multiple marketing functions, individually contribute, and manage personnel.

• Develop and define our brand strategy, brand positioning and strategic brand plan.
• Develop marketing programs and build programs that expand the reach and relevance on the brand.
• Implement brand-building programs tailored to target consumers.
• Manage our social media portals
• Uncover deep consumer and business insights through market research and business analysis and translate into opportunities for innovation.
• for the brand in order to deliver financial objectives for sustainable growth.
• Track in depth the consumers’ perception towards the brand position, personality and imagery for us.
• Monitor competitors’ activities and defend against competitive initiatives.
• Actively engage and assist in budget planning.
• Lead external agencies to think strategically and focus on developing innovative and effective integrated marketing strategies that link to the brand proposition and fully capitalizes on the knowledge of consumer insights.
• Work collaboratively with internal/external teams to drive brand programs. Manage the integration of activities across key internal & external cross-functional groups and partners.
• Leads development of the brand marketing organization and player-coaching of brand marketing team members

• 5 or more years of brand marketing experience in China market
• CET 4-6 Level English or equivalent preferred
• Experience in Chinese fashion industry preferred
• Experience in E-commerce industry a plus
• Required: Professional fluency (speaking, reading, and writing) in Chinese (Mandarin).

我们每天为大家发现时尚元素和时尚搭配,以互动的方式激发穿衣灵感,并帮助大家时尚搭配。无论你是办公室精英,学生族,居家妈妈,动漫迷,摇滚歌星 或者明星大腕,我们都能帮助你从自己的衣橱和别人的衣橱里进行完美的选择&混搭,打造属于你的新形象,让你一周都光彩照人。通过我们的平台, 大家可以分享&互动心得 ,发现衣橱的秘密,激发穿衣灵感,以更便捷的方式帮助大家变得时尚起来。

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