Sr. or Jr. UE/UX (User Experience) Designer, or, Interaction Designer (in Beijing or Remote)

Job Description:

• Job Title: (Sr.) UE/UX (User Experience) Designer, or, Interaction Designer
• Job Industry: E-Commerce, Mobile Apps
• Job Location: Beijing, China; Or Remotely in the US or other countries
• Job Type: Full-Time, or Part-Time
• Compensation: competitive, negotiable
• Relocation package: provided if needed (relocate from other cities or abroad to Beijing)
• No Bilingual Requirement: Excellent communication skills in English

Note: Welcome talent from all over the world who is passionate about working in China and is qualified for this job. Language skills in English is required. Mandarin Chinese skill will be a plus but not required.


• Have good understanding of requirements, and independently complete the interaction design.(优秀的需求理解能力,并能独立完成交互设计)
• Translate requirements into detailed visualized wireframe interface & interaction flow.(将需求转化为可视化的用户界面线框图,及交互流程)
• Create UI flow and related design specification, and maintain & improve the specs to meet the latest design.(撰写界面布局、交互流程及交互设计的相关文档,维护并改进文档。)
• Work closely with GUI designers & Implementation team, process design problems and come up with effective solutions.(与视觉设计师、开发人员紧密合作,共同实现出产品)
• Solve problems during product development.(在产品开发过程,能快速有效地解决各类问题)
• Organize and execute Usability Test.(组织并执行可用性测试)


• Good team player and strong responsibility.(强的责任心和好的团队合作精神)
• Do Interaction design based on target users’ perspective & scenarios, to provide good product with great user experience.(从目标用户的角度,及使用场景出发,思考如何设计产品才能提供最好的用户体验)
• Good understanding of requirements, and Strong logic thinking.(优秀的需求理解能力,及逻辑思维能力)
• Focus on every details, consider every scenario when design.(关注每个细节的设计,在设计时能充分考虑产品的各种使用场景,将使用案例在设计阶段完成最大化)
• Understand user needs and intention of user behavior.(了解用户需求及用户行为的潜在意图)
• Good ability to problem solving. (能快速有效的解决问题)
• Willing to learn from other voices, and improve design accordingly.(能听取好的建议,从而更好地提高产品的用户体验)
• Excellent skill of Interaction design tools.(熟悉应用交互设计工具)
• Excellent communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills.(优秀的交流、表达设计的能力)
• Experience of organizing and executing Usability Testing.(有可用性测试实践经验)
• Knowledge and experience of major mobile platforms UX Guidelines.(了解手机各平台的UX准则)
• Knowledge of the mobile apps development process.(熟悉移动端产品的开发流程)

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