Customer Engineer

Job Description

Type: Full Time
Location: Beijing, China

Looking for Full-Time Customer Engineers - wizards in support and documentation
We're a team of entrepreneurial types changing the face of telecommunications. We build software that lets developers control the phone system - making calls, recording calls, making and getting text messages, etc and beyond. Our customers include startups, hobbyists, Fortune 100, and the telcos themselves. We're big enough to have offices worldwide, but small enough you won't be a faceless cog in the corporate machine.

Why work with us?
We're not a turn and burn department - if a customer needs help, we take the time to help them. No metrics to sweat over, no penalties for ticket resolution time, do what's needed to get the problem solved.
You won't get bored - it's almost impossible to completely learn everything we do now, and we're always adding something new to the mix. Subject matter experts are available to help, but you're still going to have your hands in a dozen different kinds of technology at any given time.
We're polyglots and we'll make you one, too, if you're not already (we'd love it if you were already) - we work with PHP, Ruby, Groovy, Python, JavaScript, Java, C#, Node.js, even ColdFusion sometimes.
You're going to learn more and do more in 6 months than most jobs can teach you in 2 years, from the languages mentioned before to in depth, unique products that are revolutionary in our industry.
Hardware - Macbook Pro

What we want from you
You need to have support experience - with everything else you're going to learn, you need the basics of technical support at the very least. You don't have to have been in this industry, or even supported code before, we can teach that - but you do need to have some understanding of the customer interactions unique to technical support.
You need to be available for full time work. We're planning on hiring you full time, so your other commitments (school, freelance projects, etc) need to be able to take a backseat during work hours.
Experience with one or more scripting languages (or programming in general) is a plus, and/or experience in the telecommunications as well, but we don't want someone who just wants to write code all day. While code is a big part of what we do, we're not spending the majority of our day writing apps. We're talking to customers, helping them understand how to use our products, helping them debug their code, helping them figure out how to write code to achieve their goals. The customer needs to be the focus, code second. Along the same lines, if you're a Ruby purist who doesn't want to ever decipher PHP code, might want to pass this one by - we're language agnostic and got love for em all.
English fluency is required, verbal and written. We don't need you to be an award winning author of English language novels, but if you can't communicate clearly, you won't be able to do the job. Much of our interaction is going to be via tickets in a forum or via email, so reading comprehension and writing ability come into play constantly. We're also responsible for writing documentation, both external and internal, and blogposts when we find a particularly cool app that deserves some highlighting (either something a customer worked up on their own or an example we coded for someone), though we have proofreading available to help you out there.
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