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- Specialized Areas of Michelle You's Recruiting Business 
- An Engineer Turned Entrepreneur with International Background 
- Tough Decisions for Her Career and Life 
- Smile, Thrive and Enjoy Life 
- Why Offer Free Career Advice Now? 
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Latest Updates from Michelle You:

➣ Welcome tech companies to contact me on LinkedIn. Leveraging my creative executive search strategies with my versatile technical expertise and psychology knowledge to find the top leadership talent. Let's grow together faster!

➣ Real professionals in tech industry(not fake accounts): Connect with me now to prepare for your future career advancement!

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✅ What I Do

I'm the Principal Executive Recruiter and founder of MichelleYouBiz.com, an executive search firm specialized in top talent acquisition for tech companies.

I’m well-versed in all aspects of executive search and focusing on top talent acquisition in the fields that I know well as a business owner and a versatile engineer (engineering, product, design, finance, sales, marketing, etc.).

✅ Provide Services

I'm exploring interesting opportunities in executive search and top talent acquisition and recruiting to provide my services. 

✅ Who I Am

I’m a lifelong learner and entrepreneur at heart who became stronger and more humble after major setbacks, and have deeper understanding about people. I choose to do what I love, sometimes I get too excited to sleep or eat because new ideas just keep popping up in my mind. 

Free Career Advice on Jobs at Tech Companies for You

Our mission is offering free career advice at MichelleYouBiz.com with focus on jobs at tech companies and insights on work and life in the US that will also be valuable for jobs in any industry and for our followers around the world.

Michelle You, Executive Recruiter, Career Coach, 清华•中美国际猎头•博主, Free Career Advice on Jobs at Tech Companies at MichelleYouBiz.com in 2022
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Welcome to MichelleYouBiz.com, the career and jobs blog for engineers, developers, designers, sales, marketing, finance and other people in technology or other industries, seasoned or young professionals, employees or entrepreneurs, and anyone who would enjoy free career advice about jobs at tech companies and insights on work and life in the US that may apply to any jobs in any industry, and join our followers on LinkedIn around the world. You will learn new ideas and creative strategies from Michelle You for job interviews, career development, entrepreneurship, decision making, building relationships, work life balance, and share her love for botanical gardens and inspirations from Mother Nature. 

This website, MichelleYouBiz.com has been used for posting jobs for Michelle You's international high tech executive search firm. For various reasons, particularly for her to refocus on her family, Michelle You has been slowing down her business a while ago. This page is to help you understand better about Michelle You's background as an executive recruiter and career coach, her recruiting business, and the jobs at tech companies that she has been hiring for her clients over the years, a glimpse of her other businesses, big changes of her life, and why we are turning this website into a new blog for young and seasoned professionals like you.

Michelle You - Technical & Executive Recruiter - top 1% most viewed LinkedIn profile for 2012

Michelle You - Technical & Executive Recruiter - 
Top 1% Most Viewed LinkedIn Profile for 2012

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Executive Recruiter & Career Coach in Tech and Beyond

Michelle You started her executive search and recruiting business MichelleYouBiz.com from the ground up in 2010, and quickly focused on her most familiar area - high tech industry where she was coming from. By working hard with swift actions and creative recruiting strategies, actively recruiting online and offline for various jobs at tech companies in the US and China for start-ups and international companies, Michelle You's LinkedIn profile quickly reached to one of the top 1% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012. 

Michelle You, Distinguished Speaker at CalTech for LEAP Career Conference in 2013 on Job Interviews, Career Development

Michelle You, Distinguished Speaker at CalTech 
for LEAP Career Conference in 2013 
on Job Interviews & Career Development

By playing to her strengths in the hot job market in high tech, international headhunting in the US and China, deep connections with founders of start-ups in high tech, networking with high level professionals at big tech companies, creative talent acquisition strategies, sophisticate candidate sourcing and evaluations, and excellent interview skills with an unique personal style, Michelle You's independent recruiting business quickly ascended to the highest level of recruitment - executive search and recruiting for top-level positions and jobs at tech companies. Micelle You was selected as a Featured Recruiter in Who's Who in High Tech Recruiting Spring 2014.

Michelle You was invited as a Distinguished Speaker at CalTech for LEAP Career Conference to help STEM students in Master or PhD programs at prestigious universities, including CalTech, USC and UCLA, prepare for their future jobs. Over the years, Michelle has been actively playing an important role as an Executive Recruitment Consultant for businesses, and as an Executive Career Coach to help executives and high level professionals with their job interviews, career development and advancement, career change, starting up their own businesses, or dealing with critical life events impacting their career and jobs, as well as being a mentor for young professionals and college students.

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Specialized Areas of Michelle You's Recruiting

Michelle You is the founder of MichelleYouBiz.com, an international recruiting firm that specialized in recruiting high-level professionals for: 

Executive positions such as CEO, CTO, COO, CMO, and VP in various functions

Middle and senior level professional jobs in engineering, management, sales, marketing, finance and etc. 

About half of the jobs she was hiring targeted to top bilingual talent in high tech and other industries in USA and China. The locations of these jobs were primarily in San Francisco Bay Area in California and major cities in China. 

Michelle You - Featured Recruiter in Who's Who in High Tech Recruiting Spring 2014

Michelle You - Featured Recruiter in
Who's Who in High Tech Recruiting Spring 2014

The companies she been hiring for are fast growing start-ups, international tech companies, Fortune 500 companies and local businesses in silicon valley. She took tough recruiting tasks from these companies and helped them find the high quality top talent candidates, and hire the right people for the right jobs.

Michelle You's recruiting firm has been specialized in the following industries


Computer Software, Computer Networking, Internet and Web Technology, Information Technology, Mobile Apps and Device Technology, Online Media and Social Media, E-commerce, Wireless Technology, Medical Device, Health Care Information System, Financial Services, and etc.

Michelle You was actively hiring talent with the following skills and beyond:

Big Data, Telecom, Cloud, Software Development, Database, VoIP, Network, Linux, CentOS, Java, JavaScript, Web, UX, UI, RESTful Web Services, Spring, Hibernate, SIP, TCP/IP, C++, SQL, Media, Audio, Video, Ruby, Perl, Bash, Python, Middleware, High availability, OpenStack, Electronics Engineering, Semiconductor, WiFi, IC, Test Automation, Technical Sales, Marketing, Management, ERP Sales, Mechanical, Manufacture, OEM, Quality Control, RF, 4G, EE, Medical Device, Healthcare IT, Finance IT, ...

Here is the Archived Full List of Jobs Posted by Michelle You International Headhunting Firm.

You can use the Search 🔍 button at the top right corner of this site to find out more information about these jobs at tech companies and other businesses in the US and China.  

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An Engineer Turned Entrepreneur with International Background

Michelle You is an entrepreneur with engineering and international background and diverse experience in her career and life. She graduated with Bachelor & Master’s degrees in Electronics Engineering (EE) from the top university in China - Tsinghua University (清华大学), immigrated from Singapore to the US as an engineer. 

Michelle You has always been curious and passionate about learning something new, she is very versatile and excellent in multitasking. Through out her career as an employee, she often played multiple roles far beyond her job descriptions and has worked as an electronics engineer, executive secretary, localization engineer, senior software engineer, graphic designer, translator, webmaster, R&D manager, IT consultant, system administrator (Unix and Windows), Java engineer, database administrator, systems analyst, web developer and etc. 

After she turned into an entrepreneur, besides her high tech recruiting business, Michelle You also started other businesses. Over the years, she has been running her businesses and juggling multiple tasks between work and life. As a business owner wearing multiple hats, she has worked as a technical and executive recruiter, career coach, business consultant, technologist, Chinese translator and interpreter, digital marketing specialist, HR manager, active trader, licensed tax/financial services professional, web developer/designer, photographer and etc. as well as an general manager for her own companies and staff. 

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Tough Decisions for Her Career and Life

Michelle You has gone through many huge challenges and had to make difficult decisions that would impact both of her jobs and life in a very significant way. 

She gave up her career to focus on growing her family and became a stay-home-mom. Despite her busy schedule raising her daughter and son and taking care of her family, Michelle never stoped learning. She started to pursue her passion in psychology that started since she was in middle school, and later also enrolled in online classes for business, accounting and finance to prepare for her future career change. 

Michelle You successfully transferred her career into business administration and accounting and turned herself into an entrepreneur. She built a profitable business in wireless engineering as a co-founder in San Francisco Bay Area. But a few years later, she had to face multiple significant challenges that had been damaging her family and her health. Eventually, Michelle gave up all her interest in the business in order to focus her time and energy on building her new career and new life from the ground up.

Flying bird, seagull, freedom to fly freely in the sky

Free to be you and me.
The sky is the limit!

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Smile, Thrive and Enjoy Life

Having no fear to start over with two young kids under her wings but feeling free to be herself, Michelle You was very excited and moving forward at full speed. In a short period of time, she had completed many major transformations for herself and her kids - new city, new homes, new schools, new jobs, new businesses and new relationships. In DIY style, she solved her own problems in legal, finance and business with the help of the internet and the legal books she bought online or at bookstores. 

Michelle You, Executive Recruiter, is Now Career Coach & Blogger Offering Free Career Advice on Jobs at Tech Companies & More 清华•猎头•博主. © MichelleYouBiz.com
Michelle You, Executive Recruiter,
Career Coach, Blogger, Plant Lover 

As a woman and minority entrepreneur who has been through ups and downs in her life and career, Michelle You has kept her smile during storms and bounced back from setbacks. She has not only thrived through adversity at work but also built a new happy family and great relationships with everyone she loves. Michelle You has learned to relax and enjoy her life, and found her new passion in gardening and her love for botanical gardens

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Why Offer Free Career Advice Now?

Over the years, Michelle You has been helping many seasoned and young professionals as their career coach or mentor with their career advancement and overcome obstacles in their personal lives too. Like we mentioned earlier, Michelle often runs multiple businesses and tries to balance her work and life, so she doesn't have enough time to help as many people as she wants. A few year ago, she started to think about building a platform where she could help more people and a broad range of professionals online. 

Helping people grow always gives Michelle You a great sense of satisfaction and makes her feel that it is the best way to utilize her expertise, because her love language is to express love and care through acts of service, as described in one of her favorite books The Five Love Languages. So far, she has been volunteering her business services, including career coaching services, to help her community and people she cares for a long time. Michelle You would be thrilled if she could offer her help to a much larger group of professionals and provide valuable information and advice for them. 

Now in 2022, with her children off to college and more time at her hands, Michelle You believes that it is time for her to turn this website into a blog for you and other people, including jobs seekers, engineers, other professionals, and entrepreneurs who are seeking free career advices from time to time, need some help on job interviews and career development or interested in learning something new. 

Michelle You's plan is to share her rich experiences and insights as an employee working at various jobs in tech companies in China, Singapore and USA, and an even longer history as an entrepreneur, executive recruiter, career coach working and living in San Francisco Bay Area, particularly in Silicon Valley, the global center for high technology and innovation. Her goal is to offer free career advice on jobs at tech companies for job seekers and other professionals and her insights on work and life in the US that may also apply to other jobs and professions as a general guideline or reference. 

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Other Purposes and Plans for This Blog 

Michelle You is a seasoned entrepreneur who has founded/co-founded multiple businesses, a versatile professional with broad working experiences in multiple jobs at tech companies, a happy mom with two kids, a plant lover who enjoys visiting botanic gardens with her husband, kids and friends. 

Michelle You believes that building this blog is a great opportunity for herself to organize her thoughts and ideas and put them into writing that will be stored in the digital world and have long-lasting impacts on people's career and life in a very positive way, particularly for people in her professional network around the world, professionals who follow her company MichelleYouBiz.com on LinkedIn, as well as for her extended family and friends she cares about deeply. It is also a platform for our visitors like you to learn fun facts about plants with us and relax in gardens at MichelleYouBiz.com, for Michelle You to share her tours at California botanical gardens as a great getaway on weekends for professionals, show off her photography of her own gardens from time to time, or enjoy her beloved plants on both of our websites www.MichelleYouBiz.com and Gardens.MichelleYouBiz.com.

In the meantime, Michelle You is also using this blog as a resource for her own children to help them build their professional careers. One of the major reasons for her to write in English for this blog is for her children, whose native language is English, to understand well. Michelle You believes that the career advice and insights she offers for readers like you now will still be beneficial for her own children in the future for their career and life. This blog will be an additional tool for her to help her own children in many ways.

For our visitors who prefer to read the blog in their own native languages such as Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Japanese or other languages, we have added Google Translate tool button at the top right corner of this website, right next to the Search 🔍 button. It is for your convenience only and there is no guarantee on the quality of translations. Please refer to the original English contents for clarifications whenever necessary. 

Our website is hosted on Blogger and our video channel for botanical gardens is on YouTube. Both are Google's products that may not be visible for most of people living in China. There are a large group of oversea Chinese who are interested in our contents and feel more convenient for them to learn through videos. For theses audience, Michelle You is thinking about making some videos in Mandarin Chinese on career advice, about jobs at tech companies and life in the US in the future, but it will take a lot more time and efforts that she can't afford now. You're welcome to follow us on LinkedIn for updates about this plan or other changes in the future, it's also a great way to be notified about our new posts. 

Due to limited time and resources, currently, Michelle You is planning to only offer Career Guidance Services for a limited number of seasoned professionals who need help to land jobs at tech companies primarily in San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA. Her plan is to focus on building this blog for now to make it a valuable and inspirational platform for an abroad range of people and readers like you. 

Follow us for free career advice and prepare for your next career move. Enjoy your reading and have a wonderful day!

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