CEO & Co-founder (移动互联网业务, Product Marketing/Sales)

Job Description:

• 地点北京,要求:擅长产品定位,消费者市场推广和营销,最好有过创业经历,或独立创建分部的经验(不需要有VOIP的技术背景)
• 期权优厚,加入创始人团队!
• 初创公司,有中美大公司支持,与政府国企及大型私人企业有良好关系,
• 世界一流通讯加密技术,创始人团队超强,公司发展前景远大!
• 针对中国企业及消费者市场
• 欢迎有创业经验,熟悉移动互联网业务的精英加入!
• 立即应聘,莫失良机!
• 发简历至
• 对英语无特别要求

• Job Title: Co-founder, CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
• Job Industry: Mobile Internet Voice-over-IP (you don't have to have VOIP background)
• Job Location: Beijing, China
• Job Type: Full-Time
• Compensation: competitive, with generous equity
• No Bilingual Requirement: working language is Chinese Mandarin


A start-up in Beijing is hiring a mobile internet entrepreneur to join its founding team and build the company together. It is backed up by public companies in the US and China with a strong high profile founding team and cutting-edge technologies. Don't miss this great opportunity!

More details coming soon.

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