Sr. or Jr. GUI Designer or Visual Designer (Mobile Apps) (in Beijing or Remote)

Job Description:

• Job Title: (Sr.) GUI (Graphic User Interface) or Visual Designer
• Job Industry: E-Commerce, Mobile Apps
• Job Location: Beijing, China; Or Remotely in the US or other countries
• Job Type: Full-Time, or Part-Time
• Compensation: competitive, negotiable
• Relocation package: provided if needed (relocate from other cities or abroad to Beijing)
• No Bilingual Requirement: Excellent communication skills in English

Note: Welcome talent from all over the world who is passionate about working in China and is qualified for this job. Language skills in English is required. Mandarin Chinese skill will be a plus but not required.


• Responsible for icon and screen visual design for mobile phone applications.(负责手机软件的界面、图标设计,涉及到所有的界面细节)
• Create GUI layouts and define GUI objects (for example: the icon size and text parameters), to make everyone can easily understand where the icons the texts should be putted, and how big they are.(定义界面里各元素精确的大小及位置,比如图标大小和文字字号等)
• Cooperate with UE designers & Implementation team, to provide great user interface graphic support with various concepts.(与用户体验设计师及开发团队合作,一起完成美好的产品)
• Be Familiar with design trends, best practices and design standards for a variety of platforms.(研究手机界面视觉艺术发展及流行趋势)


• Have passion for design. (对视觉设计有激情,这很重要)
• Good team work and strong responsibility, that is: have ability to communicate and collaborate with others. (强的责任心和好的团队合作精神,即能够与其它团队良好交流并合作)
• Can focus on every detail. (关注并非常重视细节的设计)
• Strong sense of color, icon metaphor, space, and overall feeling of mobile phone interface. (优秀的色彩感觉、色彩搭配、图标设计、界面空间感,和对界面设计的整体把控)
• Master of Photoshop, and other graphic design tools such as Illustrator. (精通PS和AI)
• Knowledge and experience of major mobile platforms UI Guidelines.(了解手机各平台的UI准则)
• Can work independently, and have strong sense of tasks’ deadline.(能独立完成工作,并有时间意识,即须在规定时间内完成设计)
• Better to have 1 years of visual design experience in a software development organization.(至少一年相关工作经验,如果没有,请证明你有能力胜任)
• Good English skill is a big plus.(好的英文水平是加分项)
• Please provide your GUI design works.(请提供作品)

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