Lab Leader & Team (Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Algorithm, 3D Modeling)

Job Description:

Multiple Positions!

• Job Title: Lab Leader and Sr. Programmers, Researchers
• Job Industry: Computer vision, Machine learning, 3D Mesh Modeling, Statistical Image Modeling
• Job Location: Beijing, China; Or remote in the US or other countries
• Job Type: Full-Time
• Compensation: competitive, negotiable
• Relocation package: provided (relocate from other cities or abroad to Beijing)
• No Bilingual Requirement: Excellent communication skills in English

Note: Welcome talent from all over the world who is passionate about working in China and is qualified for this job. Language skills in English is required. Mandarin Chinese skill will be a plus but not required.

We are looking for the Lab Leader and Several highly talented Researchers and Programmers with strong technical knowledge of Computer vision, Machine learning, 3D Mesh Modeling, Statistical Image Modeling to support the problems in the area of human body shape estimation and modeling. Prior Experience with 3d Scanning ,3d Modeling is a plus.

As a computer vision scientist you will seek robust solutions to some of the most long-standing recognition problems in machine vision.
This role involves extensive research and problem solving that spans a number of areas including computer vision, machine learning, image processing, software engineering, user interaction and product development.
Your work will focus on mobile computing, a field which offers unique opportunities as well as unique challenges.
You will work collaboratively with a small team that combines research and engineering expertise and you will collaborate with groups across the company to create the next generation of products and solutions that impact millions of users.


Master/PHD in Computer Science Specialized In computer graphics. Statistical models, Machine learning, and computer graphics, Computer Vision ,3D-Modelling, Algorithm Design Solid Mathematical background.

• 5+ years of experience in a relevant role with hands-on experience. Full stack programming experience (native mobile, web interface, and back-end).
• Adept with at least one compiled (native) language (e.g., C/C++, Java, Objective-C, Scala) and one scripting language (like javascript, python, ruby, clojure, groovy).
• Experience implementing REST-based services with at least one language/framework.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Computer vison Libraries (openCV,openGL,openFramework)
• Familiarity with source control systems (git, perforce, mercurial, etc).

Desired (Optional) Skills:
• Exposure to devops toolchains (one of ansible, chef, puppet, salt, docker).
• Exposure to development of large scale systems.
• Cloud experience (AWS, Heroku, Google Compute Engine, Azure)

Candidates with Prior Experience with Following Research Disciplines are more Encouraged to Apply for the Position.

Research Disciplines
• Body shape from images - Estimating body shape from images and video.
• Learning the statistical variation in body shape.
• Anthropometry - Measuring the moving body.
• Capturing shape change and animating the body.
• Modeling the dynamics of fat and muscle.

Further Research
Our Objective is to complete a statistical clothing model that allows our avatars to be automatically dressed. with a standard clothing pattern and dress training bodies using physical simulation. It is essential that the information is effectively compiled into the information about how clothing shape changes with body shape and pose into a statistical model that can be efficiently and automatically applied to any new body shape in any pose. The result is appropriate for on-line virtual try-on. Such kind of system would be have tremendous impact in customized clothing.(Ex- 3D printed clothing)

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