CTO (E-commerce, Mobile Apps; Beijing, Start-up)

Job Description:

• Job Title: CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
• Job Industry: 移动电商服装业,E-Commerce, Mobile Apps for Fashion & Entertainment Industries
• Job Location: Beijing, China
• Job Type: Full-Time
• Compensation: competitive, with bonus & equity
• Relocation package: provided (relocate from other cities or abroad to Beijing)
• Bilingual Requirement: Fluent in both English & Chinese


The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) will provide the company's technology vision and leadership and be recognized externally as the key technical voice of the company.
This is a senior leadership position that merges technical and procedural expertise while at the same time providing the technical underpinning to support both day to day operations. You will also be leading the development of unique products of the application and a team of international talent


▪ Participate in and provide input into the design, re-design and development of the company and applications.
▪ contribute to and often lead the specification and software design phases of the software development life cycle.
▪ Technical leads also manage the design and implementation of new software development and enhancement efforts,
and coordinate systems installation and software testing with other technologists.
▪ Function in a support capacity and assist users with the isolation and resolution of software issues.
▪ Right hand man to CEO. When plays are called, you are the go to player.


▪ A computer science or engineering Bachelor's degree (or equivalent experience)
▪ 1-5 years experience in hands-on, mobile application software development for the iPhone and Android Platform.
▪ At least 2-3 years professional experience architecting entire applications
▪ Experience integrating mobile applications to Web Services
▪ Deep understanding and experienced in C++, JavaScript, and basic programming languages.
▪ Solid working knowledge of REST, JSON, XML, Web Services and object-oriented techniques
▪ Demonstrated design, development, coding, and testing of mobile applications on the iPhone and Android platform
▪ Familiar with XML, HTTP, HTTPS, Google APIs, creating JAR libraries and other common mobile functions
▪ Good written and oral communications skills
▪ Excellent software design, coding, and unit testing skills

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