Monday, October 6, 2014

中美人才交流项目Part-time Full-time or Remote Consulting for High Tech Companies in China (Various Cities & Industries)


We're working with multiple fast-growing cities in China to find experts and experienced consultants from oversea (particularly from the US) in certain high tech areas to help their local businesses grow. These consultants can work remotely or travel to China with the schedules that will work for themselves.

Full-time job offers might be available too from time to time.

Fluency in Chinese Mandarin is required by most companies, but a few companies are fine with English speakers. Experienced high tech professionals and executives are welcome to contact us for details if interested.

Currently the most wanted expertise are in Big Data, Cloud Computing, E-Commerce, Mobile Apps, Internet, Medical Device and WiFi. Expertise in other fields are needed too because there are more companies are requesting help from us and we're adding more cities.

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