Monday, October 27, 2014

招聘多个大数据和电商高端人才(Big Data, E-commerce) :CTO, VP, Chief Architect/Scientist, Director (北京、上海、美国)

招聘大数据及电商高端人才! 硅谷(local)或美国其他地区(remote);中国(北京、上海)
Top Big Data Jobs in USA & China at Multiple Companies (start-ups & big companies)
[Chinese Top Talent with Oversea Experience]

Chief Architect/Scientist: Big Data (USA & China)
CTO: big data start-ups, 2 openings, Beijing
VP: big data start-ups, 3-5 openings, Beijing
Director: big data start-ups, multiple openings, Beijing
Chief Architect/Software Architect: e-commerce large company, 2 openings, Shanghai
Director: e-commerce large company, 2 openings: technical & product, Shanghai
Director: e-commerce large company, 2 openings: business development, Shanghai
CTO: Mobile/E-commerce start-up, Beijing (foreigners OK)
Director: M-commerce start-up, 3 openings: business development, marketing, Beijing (foreigners OK)

Some of the above jobs have been posted on this website. We'll post other new jobs when we get a chance. Welcome Big Data or E-commerce Top Talent email us for details:

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