Quality Engineer

职位: 质量工程师




  • 必须是大学本科机械制造专业或相关专业毕业,至少有学士学位

  • 英语听说读写必须俱佳,能够翻译机械制造及其质量控制系统方面的文件报告(中翻英、英翻中)

  • 有两年以上质量控制、质量检验、机械制造、汽车制造、保健器材、医疗器械、或相关方面的经验

  • 善于与人沟通、协调

  • 学习能力很强

  • 可以经常出差( 国内周边城市),及赴欧培训


  • 具有保健产品保健用品医疗保健器材方面的、有关质量控制、质量检验、机械制造、或相关方面的经验

  • 有两年以上外企工作经验

  • 能够独立工作


  • *** 请务必首先阅读以下英文招聘详情 ***

  • 若自认为符合所有必要条件,欢迎马上应聘。

  • 按其中的要求发送相关简历至Michelle的邮箱。

详情如下:(Job Description)

A leading US manufacture is hiring in various cities in China and looking for bilingual mechanical engineers in multiple locations with excellent communication skills to join their fast growing medical equipment quality team.


Locations: Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Shijiazhuang, and their surrounding cities, in China (上海,广州深圳南京,宁波,石家庄,及其周边城市      

Type: Full time, work from home or a local office
Travel: to local suppliers frequently, to the USA annually, to Europe, Asia
Career potential: May be prompted to Project Manager or Manager of Quality Engineering Team
Compensation: competitive, depend on experience

Company Products: Durable Medical Equipment (check details here)

Position Overview

The Quality Engineer is responsible for quality assurance and quality control functions as they relate to our suppliers in China. This position is the technical liaison with all our suppliers in China regarding quality concerns and spills, product quality inspections as well troubleshooting engineering related issues with suppliers. This position also coordinates on-site quality system audits by our personnel or designated third party inspectors, as well support for new product development and change management.

Specific Duties


- Performs product quality inspections to ensure that products are being manufactured to required specifications prior to shipment and that all quality documents are executed correctly to support the company’s quality management system.
- Provides quality engineering support to suppliers regarding failed inspections and disposition of product.
- Reviews and approves supplier rework plans when applicable for products that have failed initial inspections and will be submitted for re-inspection.
- Provide quality engineering support to suppliers in resolving ongoing quality issues and corrective actions.
- Develops Quality Control Plans in the local language of the country for applicable products in conjunction with Quality Engineering in USA and Europe.
- Reviews Chinese language technical documents as they relate to manufacturing processes and quality systems at suppliers to ensure required specifications are being met.
- Coordinates periodic quality systems audits at suppliers utilizing resources from Quality Engineering USA, Europe or third party inspection companies.


- Assistance to Quality Engineering USA, Europe in defining quality requirements for new and changed products to ensure proper implementation at suppliers manufacturing locations.
- Troubleshooting on quality concerns and issues at supplier locations to support root cause definition and corrective action requirements.
- Technical engineering support for new product development by working with supplier engineers to establish specifications and other requirements.
- Oversight and validation of product testing that is performed at the supplier’s location.
- Monitoring of suppliers to ensure the company is aware of product changes that may be instituted by suppliers for continuous improvement or cost reductions.

Key Position Requirements

- This position requires fluent bilingual abilities in Mandarin and English, speaking, reading and writing.
- A Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering or manufacturing engineering is required.
- Minimum Two years of work experience in a manufacturing environment is required. Work experience with a medical device manufacturer is highly desired.
- Experience with document management and engineering change control is required.
- Project management experience is desired.
- Proficiency with MS Office products, especially MS Project, Excel and PowerPoint, is required.
- Ability to travel domestically within China as well as internationally is required. This position will require 1-2 trips per year to the USA, Europe for training purposes. This position may also be required to travel to other countries in Asia.
- Durable Medical Equipment market knowledge highly desired.

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