Architect/Senior C++ Engineer

Job Description

Type: Full Time
Location: San Francisco peninsula, California, US
Benefits: Stock options, flexible working schedules, great health insurance, 401k, etc.


  • Design and develop cross-platform applications, real-time media processing, and VoIP applications.

Required Skills and Experiences:

  • Strong experience/knowledge about developing cross-platform (Linux, Windows, Mac)  C/C++ code

  • Strong experience/knowledge about real-time media (audio and/or video) processing

  • Strong experience/knowledge about real-time media protocols such as RTP and RTCP.

  • Good experience/knowledge about VoIP protocols such as SIP and SDP

  • Good experience/knowledge about codecs (audio and/or video)

  • Must be a team player and a self-starter

  • Good communication skills.

    How to Apply to the Job:

    Email your resume to with the following info:

    • The job title & location (or desired job title & location), your current location

    • A summary of your qualifications for the job, in the body of the email

    • Your current salary, and expected compensation for the new job

    • Best time, phone number or Skype ID (if you're not in USA) to contact you

    All job applications will be kept confidential

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