Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Devops Engineer


Job Description

Title: Senior Systems/Network Engineer, Devops Engineer or Solutions Engineer
Type: Full Time
Location: San Francisco Peninsula, California


  • You need to be a Ops guy. Send us your Github account, we really want to see your
    contributions to the community. Issue queues you participate in. Projects you
    maintain. That sort of thing.

  • We are looking for an automation and change management ninja. If you fork and
    merge your grocery list then you might be our guy :)

  • While we're hiring someone for Drupal, we want more than just a one-trick pony. We'd
    love it if you have other languages and frameworks under your belt. We've got a
    fair amount of Ruby code (with and without Rails), as well as some legacy JSP
    stuff. Got a github account full of interesting code? Show us.

Required Skills and Experiences:

  • Solid experience with Linux administration, preferable CentOS.

  • Experience with software builds, integration, and deployment tools such as Hudson/Jenkins,
    Chef, and Capistrano.

  • Strongly self-motivated on problem solving. We are a distributed team, and as such we
    you will need to be able to work, and deliver, without direct daily

  • Experience with system and network monitoring. We run a product which other businesses
    depend on, and as such monitoring a big deal to us. We want to know before something
    breaks, so we can get out ahead of the problem!

  • Strong Experience with IP network architecture and web scaling production deployment.
    Experience with load balancing ( eg HAProxy, ldirectorD ), NginX, Apache,
    reverse-proxies. We want someone who knows what its like to run a
    high availability, high-volume production infrastructures.

  • Experience with Cloud services. We love the cloud and we want someone who feels the same,
    AWS, Rackspace, Terremark, Joyent, we love them all !

  • Strong Experience with various scripting languages such as Ruby, Perl, Bash, Python,

  • Experience managing SQL database.

Desired Skills and Experiences:

    • Experience with using network monitoring tools such as Nagios, CollectD, Munin, and

    • Understanding real-time communication protocols such as SIP

    • Experience with using network analysis tools such as Wireshark and tcpdump

    • Experience with managing no-SQL database such as Memcached and Cassandra

    How to Apply to the Job:

    Email your resume to with the following info:

    • The job title & location (or desired job title & location), your current location

    • A summary of your qualifications for the job, in the body of the email

    • Your current salary, and expected compensation for the new job

    • Best time, phone number or Skype ID (if you're not in USA) to contact you

    All job applications will be kept confidential