Senior UI Designer (Beijing, China or Remotely)

Job Description:
Job Title: Senior UI designer
Job Location: Beijing, China; or Remotely anywhere

• Lead the user interface design according to high-level requirements
• Translate interaction concepts into attractive designs and pleasurable experiences; predominantly on mobile devices for professional and consumer markets.
• Familiar with design trends, best practices and design standards for a variety of platforms
• Be a sparring partner in multi-disciplinary teams, which may include marketing, developers, engineers, usability experts, researchers and application experts
• Understand, explore and work with technical constraints of UI/hardware platforms to get the most out of them
• Understand coding, can communicate well with software development team and guide them to faithfully implement the user experience and design details

• Bachelor or Master’s degree in the relevant design area
• Minimum of 5 years’ experience in the respective design field
• Experienced designer developing UI solutions for various type of users
• Intimate knowledge of PC software and mobile app design conventions
• Proficient in Flash/HTML5 and/or other prototyping application experience
• Design portfolio with real work examples of full-range UI project in the past
• Knowledge of coding and the software development process
• Fluency in English both on oral and written

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