VP of Marketing & Branding (start-up, Beijing, China)

Job Description:

Note: The exact title may subject to change depending on the qualification of the candidate, may be Director, Senior Director, or Vice President (VP)

The Brand Marketing VP is a key strategic leadership role and will be our brand champion within and outside of the company. This leader will drive our overall brand strategy & vision, advance brand awareness and identify new opportunities to maximize the awareness of our brand.

This VP will lead the strategic development and execution of brand marketing for and responsible for providing thought leadership and developing market insights to ensure the strategies and plans are highly resonant with consumers. This role may partner with external agencies to set communication strategies and develop advertising platforms that maximize business results. As a leader in our start-up, you will be counted on to contribute across multiple marketing functions, individually contribute, and manage personnel.

• Develop and define our brand strategy, brand positioning and strategic brand plan.
• Develop marketing programs and build programs that expand the reach and relevance on the brand.
• Implement brand-building programs tailored to target consumers.
• Manage our social media portals
• Uncover deep consumer and business insights through market research and business analysis and translate into opportunities for innovation.
• for the brand in order to deliver financial objectives for sustainable growth.
• Track in depth the consumers’ perception towards the brand position, personality and imagery for us.
• Monitor competitors’ activities and defend against competitive initiatives.
• Actively engage and assist in budget planning.
• Lead external agencies to think strategically and focus on developing innovative and effective integrated marketing strategies that link to the brand proposition and fully capitalizes on the knowledge of consumer insights.
• Work collaboratively with internal/external teams to drive brand programs. Manage the integration of activities across key internal & external cross-functional groups and partners.
• Leads development of the brand marketing organization and player-coaching of brand marketing team members

• 5 or more years of brand marketing experience in China market
• CET 4-6 Level English or equivalent preferred
• Experience in Chinese fashion industry preferred
• Experience in E-commerce industry a plus
• Required: Professional fluency (speaking, reading, and writing) in Chinese (Mandarin).

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