System Software Engineer (C/C++, Linux/Unix)

Job description

Title: System Software Engineer
Type: Full time, permanent
Location: Cambridge, Boston Area, Massachusetts, USA
Compensation: $100+K
US Citizenship: is not required
H1B Visa: may be available for excellent candidates
Note: Prefer candidates from local area; relocation may be available for excellent candidate in the US

Our company is seeking a Software Engineer to design and develop its next generation mapping system. The day-to-day work of the team encompasses the full engineering cycle: problem formulation, data collection, analysis, algorithm design, code specification, implementation, and evaluation for performance and correctness. The Internet is a complex and noisy environment, and there are no simple answers to the problems the team tackles. This is precisely what makes the job fun and rewarding to anyone seeking a challenge. The job requires a combination of strong coding skills and strong design skills.

The Platform Mapping Engineering group writes the software that directs traffic for our globally distributed network of servers. This code allows us to manage our customers' Internet information flows with industry-leading performance and reliability.

Duties and Responsibilities:
* As part of this elite team, you will analyze, design and implement system software that brings new functionality, better accuracy, increased reliability, and enhanced scalability to our mapping system.
* The team relies on the abilities of all its members to develop innovative and elegant solutions.
* You must be a self-starter who is comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.
* You must be able to work collaboratively within the team and with other teams at our company.

Basic Qualifications
* Bachelors degree in Computer Science or relevant engineering field or equivalent experience.
* 5+ years professional programming experience or equivalent.
* 2+ years experience C/C++ programming in a academic setting

Desired Qualifications
* Knowledge of Perl and/or Python.
* Familiarity with Linux or UNIX operating systems.
* Strong design skills and an ability to tackle abstract, ill-defined problems.
* Ability to work in a small-team environment.
* A strong work ethic and positive attitude.

Extra Note:
Each candidate will have to take a (3) part exam, 1st part (Coding), 2nd part (Design), 3rd part (Logic).

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