FAQ for Recruiting Services

Who we are

  • Independent Recruiting Firm: We work independently to search engineers, sales, managers, executives, and other talent for multiple employers across USA and China, mainly in Tech and Engineering industries

  • International Headhunter: Founder Michelle You has BS & MS in Electronics Engineering from Tsinghua University, a top school in China. She has international working experiences and has been an entrepreneur in USA for a decade. She has deep connections in USA and China with senior management at hiring companies

  • Free for Job Seekers: We help qualified candidates to understand in depth about the job and the company, prepare for interviews, and negotiate compensations

  • Direct Referral: All our qualified candidates may be referred directly to the hiring authorities, such as CEO, President, VP, etc., the final decision makers

  • Note:
    Please let us know if you have applied for the same job at the hiring company. We can't refer you to the company as our candidate anymore but we can still help you land a job at other companies.


How to contact us


What to do before contacting us for jobs? **

  • Please click JOBS on the menu for current job openings, or search for jobs at MichelleYouBiz.com to see if there is a job that fits you

  • Read the JD (Job Description) carefully and only apply to the job if you are qualified; some JDs are not available yet and you can apply to them if you think you may be qualified

  • If there is no job fits you now, click here to contact us to stay in touch for future job opportunities

  • It's preferred if you could connect with Michelle You on LinkedIn so we won't lose your contact and can use your profile as a reference for future opportunities 

  • If you send us your resume for future jobs, please following the instructions on "How to apply for a job" below 


How to apply for a job?

Please email your resume to MichelleYouBiz@gmail.com with the following info:
  • The job title & location (or desired job title & location), your current location

  • A summary of your qualifications for the job, in the body of the email

  • Your expected compensation for the new job

  • Best time, phone number or Skype ID or WeChat (if you're not in USA) to contact you

  • Note:
  • Please read the JD carefully and customize your resume accordingly (recommended)

  • Resume in Word file is preferred; please combine bilingual resumes (if any) into one Word file

  • You are welcome to connect with Michelle You on LinkedIn to use your profile as a reference and stay in touch for future opportunities

  • Currently no H1B sponsorship is available in USA

All job applications will be kept confidential

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Why is no detailed info available for some jobs?

If there is no JD (Job Description) for a job, it may be because:

  • We're waiting for the JD and will post it as soon as it's available

  • It's a general opening, qualified candidates will be referred to the hiring
    authorities and a proper position will be decided based on the
    candidate's background & qualification


What to do if there is no suitable job opening now?

Please click here to contact us to stay in touch for future job opportunities


What companies are we recruiting for?

We work with fast growing companies of all sizes to search talent they need in USA and China. such as:
  • Multinational companies based in USA or Europe hiring in USA/China

  • Multinational companies based in China hiring in USA/China

  • Fortune 500 companies hiring in USA/China

  • Start-up, pre-IPO companies hiring in USA/China

  • Local companies in San Francisco Bay Area, California hiring in USA

  • Local companies in China hiring in China or looking for oversea candidates


What is our recruiting process?

  • We will try our best to response to job inquiries via emails or LinkedIn as soon as possible. Please understand that we may not be able to reply to all emails due to a large of number of applications

  • Michelle You is accepting new invitations on LinkedIn from any professional that she thinks legitimate, it'd be helpful if you could state your reasons to connect

  • Applications to a specific job listed here will be processed before general job inquiries

  • We will conduct phone/Skype interviews with selected candidates

  •  If you're not in USA, the first interview will be a video call on Skype if possible, and subsequent interviews can be on the phone/Skype

  • Qualified candidates will be referred to the hiring authorities at the company directly, mainly CEO, VP or other decision makers

  • The company may interview the candidates following its own procedure with our assistant when needed

  • We will help our candidates with interviews and negotiate compensations

  • After the candidate join the company, we will continue to follow up with them to help them adjust to the new job if needed


Why are certain links not working?

  • We just rebuilt and migrated our website in Dec 2013, certain pages or URL might not working properly

  • You're welcome to email us at MichelleYouBiz+WebMaster@gmail.com to report any website problems

  • You can always use Search Jobs page or the Search box on the right sidebar to find a job or other info at our website


Where are the jobs located?

  • Currently most of the job openings are in the following areas:
  • Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

  • Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou, China

  • We may have openings in Europe and Asia in the future.

  • What kinds of jobs do we have now?

    • We're hiring for Tech & Engineering companies and other businesses and search for qualified candidates in engineering, sales & marketing, finance, management, executives, and start-up co-founders

    • We focus on software, network, cloud computing, telecommunication, big data, electronics engineering, finance IT, and other engineering fields in USA and China

    • Majority of our openings are mid-senior level engineering jobs, sales & marketing, management & executive jobs

    • Bilingual skills (English/Chinese) are only preferred for jobs related to global customers

    • We're hiring freelance Chinese translators and interpreters for our own Chinese translation business


    Do our clients sponsor work visa in USA or China?

    • Usually our clients prefer to hire local candidates. For example, they hire candidates in China for jobs at China offices and US candidates for jobs in San Francisco Bay Area so they don't have to move people across the world

    • They will sponsor work visa in China if they need to hire someone with oversea experience to work in China, particularly for management positions (we have more such openings lately)

    • Usually they do not hire people from abroad to work in USA and do not provide H1B sponsorship for foreign candidates

    • Some companies provide H1B sponsorship to new graduates from top schools in the USA when needed (very limited)

    • Some companies provide work visa sponsorship to transfer valuable employees who have worked for them for a period of time from China to USA  internally if they can't find such person in USA


    What kind of candidates are we looking for?

    • We focus on mid to senior level jobs and executive search in USA/China

    • We look for qualified engineers, sales, marketing, finance, managers, executives, and start-up co-founders

    • Currently jobs for new graduates are available in China only

    • Bilingual skills (English/Chinese) are only preferred for jobs related to global customers

    • Most jobs in USA do not require Chinese skills

    • We're hiring freelance Chinese translators and interpreters for our own Chinese translation business


    Do you have to be bilingual to qualify for a job?

    • For jobs located in USA, usually fluency in English is a must. Most jobs in USA do not require Chinese skills. Chinese skills may be required for job related to Chinese customers

    • Usually for Chinese candidates for jobs in China, bilingual in English/Chinese will be a big plus but not required

    • Fluency in English/Chinese will be required for jobs responsible for global markets, particularly the US market

    • For jobs located in China, usually prefer Chinese speaking candidates who're good at English, or English speaking candidates who are fluent in Chinese and understand Chinese culture

    • Bilingual skills will be a plus for any job related to both cultures

    • Exceptions can be made for someone who is otherwise a good fit for the job


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