About Michelle You

Executive Technical Recruiter | 美国高端猎头
Principal Chinese Translator | 美籍高级翻译

A Proactive Entrepreneur and Natural Communicator

Michelle You is specialized in recruiting executives, top engineers, sales & marketing, managers, finance, other professionals and bilingual talent in technology & engineering industries in USA, particularly in San Francisco Bay Area in California.

The companies she's hiring for are fast growing multinational companies, pre-IPO companies, Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. She takes tough recruiting tasks from these companies and help them find the top talent for the critical roles to help the business grow fast with the right people.

A Business Owner with Engineering & International Background

Michelle You graduated with Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Electronics Engineering from Tsinghua University, a top school in China with focus on technology & engineering. She has worked as an IT Consultant/Engineer and Project Manager in Internet, Telecom and Wireless Industries for over 6 years in China, Singapore and USA.

She changed her career about a decade ago and co-founded an engineering company and started other businesses and became an entrepreneur in Recruiting, HR, Coaching, Business Development, Finance, Web marketing, English Chinese Translations, and Start-up consulting.

High Tech Executive Recruiter, Executive Career Coach & Speaker

Michelle is focusing on International Recruiting and committed to search top talent for fast growing companies. Empowered by her rich life and career experiences and Psychology education at MIT and local colleges, Michelle is also an Executive Career Coach who helps executives and professionals with career advancement and development. She is a featured recruiter on Who's Who in High Tech Recruiting, and a distinguished speaker at CalTech for career forum.

Seasoned Chinese Translator & Interpreter | 美籍高级翻译

Chinese Translation & Interpretation Services in USA

Smile & Thrive

As a woman and minority entrepreneur who has been through ups and downs in her life and career, Michelle keeps her smiles in the storms and thrives through setbacks. She is committed to help other entrepreneurs go through difficult time, help executives and professionals make critical decisions on their career development, and help businesses grow with right talent.

Michelle has lived in San Francisco Bay Area in California, USA for more than 15 years. She is happily married with two kids.



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