MichelleYouBiz.com is now offering free career advice on jobs at tech companies and more for professionals!

MichelleYouBiz.com for Michelle You's executive recruiting and career coach businesses is now offering free career advice on jobs at tech companies for engineers and other professionals to help them with their job interviews, career development, starting up businesses, building better relationships, living a happier life and enjoy more beauty of Mother Nature.

For various reasons, particularly for her to refocus on her family, Michelle You has been slowing down these businesses. Now, her kids are off to college, she has decided that it is time for her to share her insights and experiences and offer free career advice online here for a broad range of engineers and other professionals.  

Please read About Us for details about Michelle You's background as an executive recruiter and international headhunter, career coach for seasoned and young professionals, her previous recruiting business and the jobs that she had been hiring for her clients over the years, a glimpse of her other businesses, major changes of her life, and why we are turning this website into a new blog and more.

We are trying our best to provide you valuable information with pleasant and interesting presentations. We will make changes to the content and layout from time to time to improve the quality. You're welcome to contact us with your thoughts and feedbacks about our blog or any subject you would like to read here this blog about career, jobs and life
To make your reading more enjoyable and share Michelle You's love for plants and gardens, we will also show you photography of beautiful plants from her garden or the botanic gardens she has visited.

Hope you will find our blog valuable and follow us for free career advice and more interesting stories. Enjoy your reading here and have a wonderful day!🌹😀

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