Hiring Engineers/Scientists: UI; Data Analytics; Algorithms; Machine Learning; Big Data Architecture; Android; Network Security (Bay Area)

Upcoming Job Openings in San Francisco Bay Area:

• Job Title: Multiple Openings (UI Developer; Data Analyst; Data Scientist; Back-end Engineer/Architect; Android Architect; etc.)
• Job Industry: Mobile Platform; Network Security; Internet Services
• Job Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California
• Job Type: Full-Time
• Compensation: Base salary, plus stock option, and great growing opportunities at start-ups!
• Language requirement: English (Any qualified candidate who speaks English!)
(These US companies in SF Bay Area do not have bilingual requirements.)


Fast growing start-ups in the Bay Area (US companies) are looking for talent (experienced engineers or data scientists) in UI, Data Analytics, Back-end Application, Big Data Architecture, Android Platform and etc. with multiple openings. Great opportunities in SF Bay Area!

Multiple Openings:

1. UI developer with Ruby/Rails, Javascript, Angula.JS and CSS.
2. Hands-on data analytics research scientist/engineer with data algorithms, machine learning, script programming language preferably node.js or python.
3. Senior back-end application engineer with networking, database, node.js, preferably big data analytics, and strong architecture/design capabilities.
4. Android Architect who is familiar with OS/platform, software development/architecture and mobile apps.

More details are coming soon. Please email MichelleYouBiz@gmail.com if you are interested in any of these openings or future opportunities.

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