CTO - Mobile Apps Web Cloud - Beijing, China

Job Description:

• Job Title: Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
• Job Industry: Mobile Network System, Interactive Mobile Apps
• Job Location: Beijing, China
• Job Type: Full-Time
• Compensation: competitive, with bonus & equity
• Speaks either Chinese Mandarin or English; Bilingual will be a plus!


Looking for a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to provide consistent leadership and serve as the principal administrator for R&D. These consist of product management, design, research and release management. A senior leadership position with a well-funded start up in Beijing, China!


Provide overall technology management a day to day Research and development management
including but not limited to:

• R&D team Management
• Managing product research and development.
• Setting technology vision, goals. Monitoring and execute to target to ensure timely product
• Deep analytical and philosophical approach for technology insights, organization health,
including competitive analysis, strategy and team building...
• Visionary input and oversight of company development for CEO and close working
relationship with Finance/HR, S&M.
• Advance your leadership experience directing a group of individuals that are passionate about
technology, research and development.


The main focus of this unique opportunity is to strategically manage and provide leadership to the
company to ensure overall technology management. As a senior leader, you are part of the company’s
Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and will have the opportunity to participate in planning,
establishing goals and implementing the mission, vision, and goals of the company.
You report directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and serve as the CEO’s designee for all
technology related matters.
As the CTO,you will allocate staffing resources to allow for implementation of product design,
product release , resource budgeting and execution.
The CTO is in charge of establishing Research and development management standards in
collaboration with other ELT members and ensures the coordination of technologies with R&D and
other divisions. In your role as the CTO, you have a shared spending authority for the company’s
budget Plan and achieve results of research and development goals

• Setting technical visions and road-maps, adopting promising new and emerging appropriate
technology as a back bone foundation of product development.
• Strategic planning to achieve business goals by identifying and prioritizing technology
development initiatives
• Setting timetables for the deployment of the project
• Evaluate and identify appropriate technology infrastructure and architecture for delivering the
company’s software application and supporting business goals.
• Collaborate with other business departments to assess and recommend technologies that
support company organizational needs
• Direct development of an enterprise-wide information security & disaster recovery plan that
protects the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the company’s data and servers.
• Being responsible for the day-to-day management of the IT department including project
planning, execution and evaluation.
• Establish and implement best practice software development processes eg. Agile
methodology, code review, unit testing and requirement documentation etc. to improve the
code quality, performance, security and scalability.
• Building and implementing best-practice IT policies and procedures across the company and
find ways to constantly improve them.
• Development and implementation of best practice KPIs
• Supervise recruitment, training, retention, and organization of all technical staff in accordance
with the company hiring process, personnel policies, and budget requirements
• Coordinating with department heads including chairing meetings and then following
up/reporting on the progress of key tasks.


This position requires a B/S in technology , preferably master’s degree or higher.
• At least five (5) years of experience in an accredited company which includes supervisory
responsibility in technology.
• At least a five year period of demonstrated knowledge and skills for managing all technical
activities of the company. And have a demonstrated ability in long-range strategic planning
and program, product development.
• A team inspiring leader with quality of calmness, knowledge, confidence, commitment and
conviction and ability to carry it through from scratch.
• Proven track record in accredited company and with visible and verifiable achievements.

The candidate who will succeed in this position has a though understanding of:
• Result driven work approach.
• Dynamics of technology and company.
• Industry insights and connections.
• Budget control to achieve in-budget completion of goals.
• Technology planning and execution.

Technology know-hows of :
• Web development, REST/SOAP, MVC/MVVM, Angularjs, Nginx/Tomcat/IIS,
NODEJS/Python/Rails. Python and Ruby,
• Big data, related algorithms: Classification, Clustering, segmentation, analytics, such
as SVM, Naive-Bayesian, CNN/RNN、Deep-learning, Hadoop, Spark, Storm.
• Cloud technologies such as OpenStack, Storm, Hadoop , KVM.
• Data Modeling technologies: NoSQL, SQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, MySQL ,
RMDBS. RabitMQ, ActiveMQ
• Mobile Development technologies: IOS, Android, Xcode, Android Studio, Cordova,
PhoneGap. CocoaPods,
• Development tools and language VS studio, intelliJ , Xcode, Android Studio.
Eclipse. Hbuilder.
• Networking infrastructure, TCP/IP, http and other protocols in general.
• Working knowledge of C/C++, Java, JS, c#, Python, Ruby Swift etc.

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