Senior IOS Developer (Beijing, Start-up)

We're hiring a Senior IOS Developer & Senior Android Developer in Beijing, China for a fast growing start-up:
Job Description:

1. Develop and deploy iOS based applications using Objective-C/Cocoa/Swift.
2. Work closely with Ux Design Team and Marketing Team to design, develop and test.
3. Interface with remote and distributed data sources and APIs.
4. Troubleshoot, optimize and performance tune.
5. Respect of industry-accepted standards, and best practices, ability to work independently and as part of a team

1. Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Master degree is desirable, but will waive this requirement entirely if you have significant and applicable real world experience.
2. At least 4 years experience of IT technologies and 2 years experience writing apps for a mobile platform.
3. Solid understanding of Cocoa/UIKit frameworks and the iOS SDK.
4. Solid experience of object-oriented design and modern programming techniques.
5. A demonstrable track record of published and successful applications.
6. Demonstrable algorithm/data structure and problem solving skills.
7. Experience with building advanced User Interfaces.
8. Knowledge of server side web technologies or HTML5/CSS/JS is a strong plus.
9. A passion for technology and innovation.

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