Wednesday, December 3, 2014

中美招聘高端人才和海归!List of Current Job Openings (Big Data, E-Commerce, Healthcare IT, WiFi, EE, Automation, Test, Manufacturing,...)

Hiring CXO, VP, Director, Architect, Scientist, Engineers, Experienced Professionals!

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Co-founder in Sales/Marketing: Healthcare IT (USA)
VP of Marketing/Sales (EE, IT) (USA)
CTO: Big Data Analytics (China)
CTO: Digital Advertising (China)
CMO: Mobile Commerce (China)
Data Scientists/Experts: Big Data (USA)
VP: Big Data (China)
Chief Architect: E-Commerce (China)
Software Architect: E-Commerce (China)
Sr. Automation Engineer (Testing/Manufacturing Equipment) (USA)
Project Manager: Electronics/Mechanical (USA)
Sr. Director of Business Development: E-Commerce (China)
Sr. UI/UX Designer: E-Commerce
WiFi Director/Architect (China)
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