WiFi Chip Director/Architect (hardware) - Startup

Job Description:

• Job Title: Director/Architect in WiFi Chip Design
• Job Industry: WiFi Chip Design Industry
• Job Location: Base in San Jose with flexible schedules
• Job Type: Full-Time
• Compensation: competitive
• Travels: travel to Beijing as needed
• Bilingual: English/Chinese languages

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Note: the exact title may subject to change base on the candidate's background and seniority.


A fast growing IC design company based in China targeting global markets and preparing its IPO is hiring. Looking for a hands-on Architect familiar with MAC layer with strong technical background in Hardware, Algorithm, MAC, WiFi, and knowledge in Software. The exact title may subject to change depends on the candidate’s background and seniority.


• Define MAC layer architecture for WIFI, 802.11 a/b/g/n/c.
• Build and lead a team to develop MAC layer algorithm for WIFI. (for Director position)
• Work with RF and baseband team to define the whole chip architecture.


• Strong technical background on MAC protocol, such as WIFI or Ethernet.
• In-depth knowledge in embedded CPU and software.
• Minimum 3 years experiences on WiFi communication systems.

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