Executive Career Coaching 高级职业顾问服务

Career Development, Resume Writing & Job Interview

专门为高科技行业的各类专业人士和管理人员提供职业顾问服务 Offering career coaching services for executives and high tech professionals who need insights and advice from a seasoned High Tech Executive Recruiter with firsthand experience on:
• how to customize your resume, prepare for an interview and land a new job;
• how to change from engineering to sales, marketing or business management;
• how to start up your own business or become an employee again after your entrepreneurial adventures;
• how to deal with special challenges for Chinese in high tech industry, such as:
• 在美国高科技公司发展,如何克服种族歧视,将华人的弱点变成优势?
• 应该在美国找工作,还是应该回中国发展?or
• how to make other changes or decisions about your career development.

Remote One-to-One or On-Site Group Coaching:

• Remote coaching for executives & professionals for career advancement & transition, hourly fee • Remote coaching for entrepreneurs starting new businesses in the US, hourly fee • Remote or onsite coaching for professionals & students for resume writing & job interviews, group fee • Public speaking at career development conferences or forums • In English or Chinese Mandarin

Executive Coach: Michelle You

Executive Career Coach, Executive & Technical Recruiter, Entrepreneur, Business Owner • Diverse career path in EE, IT, Web, Telecom, Business & Finance in China, Singapore & USA • Entrepreneur founded multiple businesses in Engineering, Recruiting, Translations & Finance in USA • Recruiting & coaching executives & senior professionals in USA and China • BSEE, MSEE from Tsinghua University, a top school in China • Expertise in Psychology, HR Management, Recruiting & Coaching • Professional, analytical, creative & open minded • Natural communicator & active listener • Trustworthy & ethical • Bilingual More about Michelle You Michelle You LinkedIn Profile

Specialties & Features:

• Executive Career Coaching • Strategic Planning for Career Change • Career Development Planning • Career Advancement Preparation • Resume Writing & Job Interviews • Job Searching Technics • LinkedIn Profile Technics • Personal Branding • Remote One-to-One Coaching • On-Site Group Coaching • Entrepreneurship & Starting a Business in the US

Bilingual Coaching for Executives & Professionals in High Tech Industries

• For: Executives, Managers & Professionals in Technology, Engineering, Management, Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Finance and administration who work for High Tech companies in the US. • Language: English or Chinese Mandarin

Career Coach

For Whom?

If you are an executive or a professional who is planning to invest in your career development or advancement and need to hire an executive & professional career coach who has: • rich first-hands career experiences, • job markets insights, • industries expertise, • excellent coaching skills, and • services customized for your specific situation, you have come to the right place! You are welcome to email us now by following the instruction below.

New Clients:

We do NOT provide free career coach assessment for new clients anymore due to limited resources. Instead, we offer 20% discount for the first coach session (up to 1.5 hours) for new clients. If you are planning to hire a career coach to help you with your job searching or career development, you are welcome to contact us for a quote by following the instructions below.

How to Email?

Please email to MichelleYouBiz@gmail.com to get a quote for our career coaching service fees and ask for 20% discount if you're a new client. Please include the following information when you email us: Subject Line: Quote for Career Coaching Service - Your Name Email Body: a brief introduction about your background and coaching needs, and a link to your LinkedIn profile if you have one, and/or attach your resume as a reference.

What Purpose?

The purpose is to evaluate the possibility for a compatible coaching partnership that is critical for our success of the coaching process and ensure a better return for your financial investment in our career coaching services. We'll make a coaching plan that is customized for your needs and setup the coaching fees & time schedules to start our trip to your career & personal growth together.

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Career Coaching Fees

You can make your payment via PayPal with your credit card or PayPal account if you have one. Click here for details. [GARD]


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