Looking for CEO & Co-founder in Healthcare Sales in SF Bay Area (NewJob)

Immediate Job Opening:

Job Description:

• Job Title: CEO, Co-founder with Expertise in Sales for Healthcare Products

• Job Industry: Health Care, Medical

• Job Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California

• Job Type: Full-Time

• Compensation: substantial equity as a co-founder, with reasonable compensation and competitive bonus

• English: Native English Speaker only

• Bilingual: Not necessary

• Availability: as soon as possible

• Travel: as needed from time to time

• Flexible schedule: available if needed


The ideal candidate will be:

• an entrepreneur who has experience in or is capable of running a business as a founder or co-founder

• has broad connections in Healthcare industry across the US, particularly with clinics and labs

• has strong sales skills and well received by the decision makers for Healthcare systems

• is well versed in the American mainstream and familiar with medical fields

• is enthusiastic about start-up and is capable of handling various challenges

• is able to build and lead a strong team, create and manage a dynamic and diverse working force

• is able to collaborate with the board members, investors and affiliated companies

• experience or knowledge of IT systems will be a plus but not necessary

• local candidates in San Francisco Bay Area are highly desired

• is willing to travel from time to time as needed

Company: The hiring company is spinning off its healthcare IT branch into an independent entity in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. We are looking for an entrepreneur and expert in Healthcare sales to take over the new entity as the Chief Executive Officer, build the team and promote and sell its Healthcare IT products in the US Healthcare markets.

Note: Please email MichelleYouBiz@gmail.com for more details.

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