Professional Chinese Translators Interpreters (freelance笔译或口译)

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2016年招聘中英翻译:笔译,或口译(普通话/广东话 )

Job Description:

• Job Title: Chinese Translators (Simplified or Traditional Chinese);
Chinese Mandarin or Cantonese Interpreters;
(multiple openings)
• Job Industries: Business, Legal, Real Estate, Finance, High Tech, Medical, Immigration, Education, Government, etc.
• Job Type: Freelance (independent contractor, full time or part time)
• Job Location: Work from home or client sites in California (primarily in San Francisco Bay Area)
• Translator: document translation at home (primarily), or on-site for short term projects (in the US)
• Interpreter: oral translation/interpretation on-site for about 2 hours or longer within commutable distance from your home in California

Note: Qualified Chinese Translators who have working experience in the US are preferred. In-depth understanding of American culture and/or business practices are important to deliver high quality translations!


We're growing our Chinese Translation and Mandarin & Cantonese Interpretation business at and hiring freelance (full time or part time) Chinese translators or interpreters in California.

This is a freelance job and you can accept an assignment whenever you have time and the location is commutable to you when on-site is required. Most of the assignments will be at office hours and in San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento Area or Los Angeles Area in California.


• Fluent in both oral and written languages in English and Chinese
• Proficient in translation between English and Chinese (simplified or traditional)
• Interpreters: Excellent interpretation skills between English, Mandarin or Cantonese
• Solid translation experience with certain industry knowledge and background
• Good communication skills and personality
• Available during some office hours (at least 2-3 hours) on some weekdays
• Willing to help people communicate better in a professional way
• Knowledge in any of the following areas:
Business, Legal, Law, Real Estate, Finance, High Tech, Medical, Immigration, Education, Government, or other areas.
• Translation or interpretation experience in any of the following type of settings:
business meeting, legal counseling, deposition, technical meeting, technology conference, marketing campaign, immigration interviews, court hearing, medical appointment, doctor visiting, social work, government office, school meeting, business conference, business negotiation, etc.


笔译: 居住在哪里都行(最好是在美国),但要求很高,翻译质量必须能够达到专业水平,而且速度要求比较快。

口译: 目前只在加州招聘(北加州和南加州均可),由于因工作需要的不同对翻译的要求差别较大,我们不仅需要经验丰富的专业翻译,也欢迎英语流利的业余爱好者应聘(兼职)!

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If you're interested in this job, please check our website at for contact information and email us your resume if you meet the requirements.

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